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Private & Semi-Private Yoga

Ever thought of trying yoga, but learning in a studio full of other students sparks anxiety? Well I'm here to offer you another way!

I offer private and semi-private classes in the comfort of your own home, where putting on shoes or hopping in your car is no longer needed.


In a private class, my focus will be on you and your specific needs. I will take into consideration your current fitness level, injuries and personal goals so that I can provide you with a class that benefits you and your uniqueness! 

Whether you’re looking to build strength and/or flexibility, rehab an injury, or learn the deeper aspects of yoga, you’ll walk away with confidence and knowledge to continue your yoga practice.

My Rates

Private Class for One - $100 


Semi-Private Class:

3 to 6 Students - $75

7 to 10 Students - $125

If you'd like to do weekly sessions, email me and we can sort out a pricing plan that we are both happy with!

Ready To Book?

To chat with me about private or semi-private yoga, contact me via:

Email -


Phone - (604) 861-0096

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